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whiteraven1606 [userpic]
Picture Puzzles Part 24
by whiteraven1606 (whiteraven1606)
at December 27th, 2009 (06:06 pm)

Title: Picture Puzzles Part 24/26
Rating: NC-17
Grouping: House/Wilson/Chase
Disclaimer: Don't own them, as we all know.
Summary: House worried can be both good and bad. In this part: Someone turns blue. At least a little.
Warnings: Mention of abuse in the past to more than one character (as if you hadn't already figured that out).
Beta: nightshadow_t2

And you thought I'd never update this again. Actually everyone should thank nightshadow_t2 because if she hadn't convinced me not to hate this it would have taken even longer to get posted. Oh, yeah, and I'm not posting this to any of the other comms due to something that happened now long ago with Part 22. I still like you guys though. :)

(Picture Puzzles Part 24)