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Keys to Everything
by it_feels_okay (it_feels_okay)
at August 31st, 2009 (07:22 am)

Feeling: chipper

TITLE: Keys to Everything.
AUTHOR: it_feels_okay
PAIRING: Wilson/Chase, House.
RATING: Mature.
WARNINGS: Sexual situations, voyeurism, Chase being a giant cocktease.
DISCLAIMER: I don't own them, and am in no way affiliated with the writers of House MD, or any of the actors.
NOTES: Inspired by a plot bunny from ladygray99. "House didn't feel like paying for porn tonight."
I haven't written anything in ages, so it's still a little rough around the edges.
Chase and Wilson are in an established relationship. House discovers this, and takes advantage of their 'secret'.

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A Special Ticket For All HouseMD Fans
by sweetgreuy (sweetgreuy)
at May 6th, 2009 (12:05 pm)

To All House MD Fans:

My friends and I have started a forum. This forum will give you a chance to interact with the VIPs.


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sunsetdawn20 [userpic]
Fic Meme
by sunsetdawn20 (sunsetdawn20)
at February 22nd, 2009 (03:53 am)

I'm doing a music fic meme, please suggest one word I'd have to use/imply in the fic I'm going to write. One suggestion/pairing. But one person can suggest words for more than one pairing.

House MD pairings with the songs I need to use in some way:

4. House/Chase ~ Placebo: Taste in Men

5. House/Wilson ~ All American Rejects: I can’t take it

6. Chase/Wilson ~ My Chemical Romance: The Sharpest Lives

7. Chase/character of your choice ~ Iron and Wine: Passing Afternoon

See Rules and Pairings for PotC and Primeval here.

sunset_my_house [userpic]
Diversion ~ Sound of Silence Series
by sunset_my_house (sunset_my_house)
at February 2nd, 2009 (08:34 pm)

Title: Diversion
Rating: PG-13

Pairings: Chase/OFC, slight references to Chase/House/Wilson in basically any combination (yes, I'm getting there lol)

 Teaser: "Take that off," She - Alice? Amanda? Arlene? - moans in annoyance. "It makes you look like a stiff prick at a wedding."

Note: Tells the story of an object that probably every Chase-fan noticed (or not lol). This probably takes place somewhere in Season 3. Part of the Sound of Silence series.

wintertide [userpic]
The Invitation
by wintertide (aileb42)
at January 18th, 2009 (08:16 pm)

Title: The Invitation

Word Count: 420

Rating: PG for angst


Season 5. This was inspired by some things floating around the internet the past couple of day.  It is Wilson and Chase, but of course House really is always around. Possibly to be continued.


The Invitation

sunset_my_house [userpic]
Sleeping Around (Chase-centric)
by sunset_my_house (sunset_my_house)
at January 8th, 2009 (03:03 pm)

Feeling: excited

Title: Sleeping Around
Author: </a></b></a>sunsetdawn20 (me :P)
Pairing: Chase/Everyone
Rating: R

Summary: As the title suggests, Chase has a brief (or not so brief) brush with everyone: Cameron, Foreman, Cuddy, Wilson, House (in order of... well). Not as PWP as it sounds. lol Loosely follows Season2, episodes briefly referred to: Hunting, All in, No Reason.

NOTE: This is my first House fic so feedback is much appreciated. :) X-posted all over the place.

Sleeping Around

Disclaimer: Don't own House MD or Chase.

sunsetdawn20 [userpic]
Holy Crap, my first House MD vid!!!
by sunsetdawn20 (sunsetdawn20)
at January 6th, 2009 (08:17 pm)

Hello *waves* this is my first House MD video and I hope to get some feedback from you wonderful fans of the show. :)

Title: Alone
Pairing: House/Chase
Summary: House and Chase have been alone for so long that they can't deal with their feelings for each other.
Clips from Season1&3 (spoilers for Season3 finale)

Disclaimer: I don't own the show, if I did there would be hot House/Chase smut. :P

Alone )

Katja [userpic]
by Katja (entropynchaos)
at November 4th, 2008 (04:49 am)

Hey all!

I wonder if anyone can help me? I vaguely remember reading a H/W/C fic that was set around/on hallowe'en, with Chase in drag. It was actually really hot.

At least, I think I remember reading it. It's possible I've lost what little sanity I had left completely.

Anyway, if it does exist, could someone pretty please link me to it?

Thank you!

Fic search!
by subaru_yozora (subaru_yozora)
at September 25th, 2008 (06:05 pm)

'm attempting to locate a fic I seem to have lost track of in the Great Computer Crash of 2008. I can't remember the title; it was H/W/C, and involved Wilson and House controlling all aspects of Chase's life (consentually, of course) because Chase was being quite self-destructive and lots of really really good smut. XD XD XD

If anybody could point me in the right direction I'd be eternally grateful. Thankies in advance! ^_^

C.F. [userpic]
Looking for role players!
by C.F. (quortoth_teen)
at September 13th, 2008 (07:43 pm)

I use to RP Chase alot in House games here on livejournal, AIM and Y!Messager too. I miss it and would love to start some one-on-one plots, preferably slash; either House/Chase or Wilson/Chase.

If anyone is a good writer and is interested in playing the House or Wilson to my Chase, please feel free to contact me!

Y! Messenger: doctor_robert_chase
AIM: robert chase md
MSN/E-mail: emotions_gurl@hotmail.com
ICQ: 460110553
G-talk/G-mail: kbartlett86@gmail.com

...or simply leave a comment here. Heh. :)

Hope to hear from you all soon.